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Full Stack Developer

I'm an entrepreneur and the Co-founder of Talkvert.com, where I led product development for a virtual stage platform that empowers users to present via audio. My journey involved market research, user-centric product design, roadmap definition, collaboration with development teams, user testing, and successful product launch strategies.
In addition to my entrepreneurial pursuits, I'm a machine learning and software engineering virtuoso with a passion for soccer. I excel at crafting algorithms and building systems that prioritize efficiency. My coding strategy mirrors my game on the soccer field—anticipatory, tactical, and always striving for the goal. With expertise ranging from navigating the intricacies of Deep Learning to mastering Python paradises, I architect solutions that not only compute but also captivate. I lead data to dance to the rhythms of insightful analytics and steer projects with the precision of a seasoned engineer. Together, let's lace up our boots, set our sights on innovation, and score technological triumphs! I also like picking up new hobbies like sailing and snowboarding. I am already looking forward to snowboarding this year!



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Software Engineering
Machine Learning


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